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Rod Quantock

Rod Quantock has been a comedian since he was 26 and he is now 50. He is married to Mary Kenneally (another comedian) and lives in Melbourne.

Rod Quantock is head writer on Back Berner.

Rod often did stand up acts that were against the Jeff Kennett Government but he has decided to stop that. (Isn't it a coincidence he decided to stop and now Jeff isn't in power?). His newest show is called Utopia.

Rod has also been a guest on GNW quite a lot and he even got to be in one of the debates they taped at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Rod was been on the ABC's Standing Up a number of times.

In the beginning of Rod's career, he ran around pubs in Melbourne with a bunch of followers carrying a rubber chicken.

He also used to be on a TV show called "You're Standing In It" but that was a long time ago. It also starred Geoff Brooks, Mary Kenneally and Steve Blackburn. This group of comedians were also in "El Fiasco" and "Tram".