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Rove McManus. Scanned from a WA'n TV Guide.
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21st January, 1974
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This West Aussie comedian produced his own TV show on channel nine in 1999. The title is Rove and it first aired on the 22nd of September at 11p.m. (well a bit later but that's when it was supposed to start). Rove starred Rove McManus (well duh), Corinne Grant, Peter Helliar and Dave Callan. This show was axed and channel ten took advantage of this and hired Rove - along with the kids on the couch. Rove wouldn't sign without them being signed as well. His new show is called Rove Live and it got off to a shakey start as it turned to more of a teenybopper show and this annoyed viewed of the 1999 show. As the show progresses, it becomes more and more like the old one (which is exactly what I like to see).

Rove used to be heard on the triple J breakfast show on Friday mornings from 7 to 7.30a.m. hosting "know your millennium". A quiz show that looks in the past - not the future.

In 1999, Rove was also on a few episodes of channel nineís super debates. They aired on the 30th of September and the 7th of October.

Rove is actually from Perth, WA and there aren't many well known WA comedians.

Rove went to Claremont School of Art for two years and topped his class with anatomy drawing.

The episodes of the Debates that Rove was in in 1999 were: "That itís better being Single" and "The Queen needs a facelift". Rove was on the affirmative side both times.

Before Rove became a comedian, he wanted to be an actor because he enjoyed it in school but he liked playing the funny parts because he got immediate reactions - that's why he moved to stand up comedy - the immediate reactions.

I am told that Rove's real first name is John. I know this is true because he was on a kids show when he was little and he played a kid named Marty (on "Marty Makes a Move" from Kaboodle) and his name is John in the credits.

Okay, some more info. Rove was on a show on community television in Melbourne (channel 31) called the Loft, he was the host in 1998.

Rove has also done a series of Solo ads and he hosted a show on cable called "Dilemma".

Before he moved to Melbourne, he wrote for WA's Xpress Magazine. He also used to have gigs at the Brass Monkey in Northbridge.

After his first (and only) season of Rove on channel nine, he returned to WA to help raise money for the East Timorese people in a Comunity Aid Abroad gig (which I was lucky enough to sit in the second row). He said a few things that fans of the show cheered for like "I like Ice-cream", he said that twice. Also, when he came out on stage, he hugged Dave Callan then did the etc. etc. dance.

Rove's show was nominated for a logie in 2000 and so was he.

Not worrying about that, Rove performed a stand up show called "Live as..." at both Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2000.

Rove was on channel nine on Millennium Live - New Years Eve 1999.