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Shaun Micallef, scanned from TV Week
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Shaun has had a three TV shows on the ABC. The Micallef Program in 1998, The Micallef Programme in 1999 and The Micallef Pogram in 2001.

Before filming two seasons of his own show, he was on Full Frontal which was axed in 1997. Two very memorable characters that he played are Nobby Doldrums and Sergeant Farch. Nobby was obsessed with Kerry O’Brian from the 7.30 report and Sergeant Farch was a police officer and his partner was Constable Spoog (played by Glenn Butcher).

The Micallef Programme could be seen on the ABC on Friday nights at eight until October the 8th 2000. Eight episodes were filmed and the first episode (of the second season) aired on August 20 2000.

Shaun also plays a delightful actor which is named "David McGahn". David has played rolls such as "Dr Miracle" and a Lawyer on the Micallef programme. He was also featured on Full Frontal. David McGahn is a very bad actor. He can't read a script properly.

Shaun has been a guest on the Panel but he hosted it on Wednesday the 17th of November 1999.

The Micallef Programme won the logie for most outstanding comedy programme at the 2000 logies.