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Steve Abbott has accomplished so much throughout his 17 years of being the Sandman. He was actually a big fan of Paul Livingstonís but then they started working together.

Until 1997, The Sandman was just a voice on the radio, everyone had their own picture of him but then GNW gave him the opportunity to be on TV.

Steve Abbott performed with Paul Livingston as Flacco and The Sandman at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco (WA) in 1999. I was lucky enough to go and see it but I didnít manage to get any photos of him, only Paul because the people that worked there took my bag away. It was a really good show.

By now, The Sandman is probably best known for all the stripping he has done but that is not how Steve wants to be remembered. He has stripped in Townsville (Qld), Brisbane (Qld), Melbourne (Vic), Newcastle (NSW), Sydney (NSW), Adelaide (SA) and has almost stripped down to the nuddy in Perth. He got to his undies and stopped. (I know, I saw it)

Steve vowed never to strip on national television again, yet he still went naked on national television after this statement.

Abbott has written six books that I know of: Five as The Sandman and one which he co-wrote with Mikey Robins and Tony Squires (called Big Man's World). The books he wrote as the Sandman are called: 204 Bell Street (released Nov 2000), Plesant Avenue (released in 1999), This is My Surfboard, the Sandman's Guide to the Unpopular, and A view from a Moving Vehicle (or something like that - I'll have to check).

Steve was also on GNWNL which you should know by now (as the Sandman of course). He got two sections to himself before the ads and he did a segment called 'the gap in the show' with Paul Livingston (as Flacco). In 2000, his appearances on Good News Week was cut down to one section to himself and a second segment he did with Flacco called 'the Desk'.

Abbott was on the radio for many years with Mikey Robins hosting the triple J breakfast show. He left last in 1998 when Mikey left but he continued to do a radio show on triple J called 204 Bell Street and it could be heard at 6.20a.m. and 7.40a.m. on the breakfast show or if you donít get up early, you could hear it with Merrick and Rosso at about 5.30p.m. this show was only on weekdays but has now ended.

Abbott and Livingston have been working together since 1993 but the met each other in the 1980ís.

In 1991 Steve helped write the script to a film called "The Castanet Club Movie". This movie was with The Castanet Club which was a group of comedians Steve was in. His character was Johnny Goodman (which later changed into the Sandman). The Castanet Club appeared on the Big Gig occasionally.

He had also helped write the script for TV shows such as "The Big Gig - Flacco special" in 1992 and "The Comedy sale" an 1994.