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Tim Ferguson, scanned from WA'n newspaper
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May 23rd, 2000
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Dominica Malcolm
16th November, 1964
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Funky Squad

The first thing that I know of that Tim did with comedy was the Doug Anthony Allstars. Tim was considered to be the 'good' one. When the Dougs split in 1994, the other Allstars didnít speak to Tim for quite some time. Tim was thought to have been the one who broke up the group.

In 1995, Tim started a TV show for channel nine called Donít Forget Your Toothbrush. Iím not sure how long this lasted but I think it finished before 1998 because thatís when he would have been doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In Rocky Horror, Tim played Frank N Furter.

In September 1999, Tim started a new TV show after he signed with channel ten. Tim joined the station that his old DAAS buddy Paul McDermott did, and in the same year too. This show is called Unreal TV. It can be seen on Thursday Nights at 8.

Unreal TV premiered on channel ten on the 5th of September 1999. Unreal TV shows the humorous TV shows from around the world and Tim hosts it. Two Adults only specials were recorded in 1999 and have both been on TV twice (as of the 28th of December 1999). Two more Adults Only specials were filmed in 2000.

Also in 1995, Iím sure it was before Donít Forget Your Toothbrush, Tim was in a spin off of the Mod Squad called the Funky Squad. It was set in the seventyís. There is a video available that you can watch.

Tim has also written a book called "Left, Right and Centre".

In 1994, before the Allstars broke up, Tim was in an episode of World Series Debating recorded in Sydney. He debated that Beauty is better than brains. To no surprise, he won.