Tom Gleeson

Tom Gleeson on stage at Comedy Central.  Dominica Corless
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Aug 24th, 2000
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(Sep 5th 2001)
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Tom Gleeson has recorded a CD called the United States of Australia.

Tom has been a guest on F.A.Q.

Tom was seen regularly on O'Loghlin on Saturday Night in 1999. I think the first time he was seen on the show was when he was supposed to be an audience member. He has done so much on that show that I'm not quite sure.

On O'Loghlin on Saturday Night, Tom has been seen advertising some very unusual products that you never thought were available.

2001 has been a very big year for Tom. His show "Pirate Copy" was taken to the Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. While in Melbourne for the comedy festival, Tom could be seen at some free shows and MCing at the Hi Fi Bar. After the festival, he went on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow tour of Qld, NT and WA.