Tony Lesay

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Dec 1st, 2000
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Dominica Malcolm
19th December, 1965
CDU Interviews
(Feb 28th 2000)

Tony is an average comedian...only kidding Tony (I say that because I'm sure he'll look here when I tell him I made this page). Okay, Tony is actually quite a good comedian, I think he's funny anyway and I've seen him a few times - on stage (not on dates - he's married so that wouldn't be possible and I wouldn't want to anyway).

Tony used to go by the name of Tony Milan (and I still haven't asked him why *hinthintTony*). He has had gigs at the Swinging Pig, the Brass Monkey and Fremantle Hotel. He is a WA comedian (and I hope he's proud of it).

Tony entered Raw comedy in 1999 and spoke on triple J in 2000 (mentioned me by the way - just not by name). He also entered the WA Fringe comedy award in 2000 and he was in the same heat I was in for that.

Tony MC'd the WA Raw comedy heats in 2000 and helped organise them.

Tony can be heard on Coast FM at 8.40am every Monday to talk about the week in review and is also now writing comedy for Basil Zemplilas' footy show.

I'm not sure whether I am allowed to say this but he didn't tell me not to...Tony and four other Perth comedians (Damian Clark, Stevie D, Mick Sims and I can't remember the other) will soon be pretending they are females and making their own group like Bardot (channel seven's popstars). They've already written their own words to the tune of "Poison" and from what Tony has sung to me, it is very funny and I can't wait to see how they plan it.

Tony also used to organise comedy nights at the Swinging Pig but is no longer doing so because they were being difficult for him.