Wil Anderson

Spencer McLaren, Wil Anderson. © Dominica Corless, 2002
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12th January, 1974
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Wil Anderson

Wil Anderson has performed a number of stand up shows which he liked to use puns in. These include "I am the Wilrus", "Terra Wilius", "Who want's to be a Wilionaire", "Wil of Fortune" and "Wilennium" (and was pissed off when Will Smith used that as the title for a CD). He also had a show with Adam Spencer called "5ive Thirty".

If you don't know by now, Wil used to live in Melbourne but grew up in the country area of Victoria (Heyfield). He now resides in Sydney so he can be heard on triple J with Adam Spencer every weekday when they're not on holidays.

Wil has performed at festivals including the Edinbugh Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Wil has been a guest on GNW and has also been in some comedy debates. He was on World Cup Comedy in 1999 and Australia won the cup. He has also been on Standing Up.

Wil could be seen on Dot.Com.TV on channel nine in 2000.

Wil has also appeared on Mouthing Off hosted by Richard Fidler on the comedy channel. Plus other comedy channel programmes.

Wil also performed at Offshore in 2000 during the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Wil appeared on the final episode of Good News Week on Julie McCrossin's team and put on a show for the audience once the cameras stopped rolling. His dream came true and he got to kiss Paul McDermott and it wasn't just a small peck, it was a full on pash that lasted a long time. This kiss both excited and disgusted audience members (it just depended what they were interested in). Wil has pashed other comedians on stage including Justin Hamilton, Adam Spencer and Greg Fleet.

Wil hosts GNWTV's The Glasshouse on the ABC, in Good News Week's old timeslot. Friday, 8pm. He has been struggling to cope with doing that and still co-host breakfast radio.