Tom BallardVictorian comedian who made it to the national finals of Raw Comedy 2006
Eric BanaHad a show on channel seven called Eric. Has been in movies such as the Castle. Has also been on Something in the air and Full Frontal.
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Craig Barfootfrom Barfoot and Cantone
Kynan BarkerWrote comedy for Full Frontal and TFF. Also on original BackBerner team and the warm up guy for Rove [Live]. He also appeared on the final episode of Totally Full Frontal. He is a Melbourne comedian.
Carl BarronOn the Footy Show and was also on World Cup Comedy. Has been on Standing Up. Has a CD out now.
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BartAn Irish/Perth comedian who made it through to the state finals of Raw Comedy in 2001.
Tracy BartramMelbourne comedian and breakfast radio host for FoxFM. Started her career in Perth.
Christine Basilhas performed on Upfront, also been on Standing Up.
Gavin BaskervilleOriginally from Perth but now in Melbourne. Find out more information at his official site, here
Raymond J Batholemuezhas performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.
Steve Bedwellone of the original Espy comedians
Chris Bennett
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Dylan BennettNT comedian, member of Separated at Birth.
Jon BennettOriginally from Adelaide, now based in Melbourne. Came second in the state for Raw Comedy the year he entered.
Vanessa BennettHas performed for Comedy at Vibe
Rachel Bergerhas performed on Upfront.
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Peter Bernerregular guest on GNW. Has a show on the ABC called Back Berner.
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Rusty BertherOne of the Scared Weird Little Guys.
(WA) Big AlEntered Raw comedy and the WA Fringe comedy award in 2000. Made it to the finals of the WA Fringe Award. No longer performing stand up.
Big Fat GazzaSyd comic
Tahir BilgicMost well known as Habib from Fat Pizza
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Billy Birminghamaka the 12th Man. find out about this guy in the book "Comedians in the mist".
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Vicky Bitmeadaka Vicky B. Finalist for 2001 NSW Raw Comedy, 2000 Green Faces. As seen on channel 9's Star Struck and "So you want to be a comedian"
Steve BlackburnOne of the writers of "You're standing in it" and other things. He was also on Fast Forward & Full Frontal
Michael Blair
Hamish BlakeOften teams up with Andy Lee; regular on Thank God You're Here
Paul BlakeWA comedian living in the same town as me. Entered Raw comedy 2000 and made it to the state finals. Also entered WA Fringe Comedy award in 2000. Has had a try-out at the Swinging Pig.
Rosemary Blandaka ROZIE, performing since 1994 in Melbourne and Sydney.
Nola BlissPerth comic, has supported Novak'n Goode
Dave Bloustien
Kale BogdanovsComedian located in Perth
Luke Bolland
Sharyn Booth
Shane Bourneone of Australia's favourite stand up comedians.
John BoxerBobo from Pizza
Annalise BraakensiekThe model in the TV show 'Pizza'.
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Gary BradburySouth Australian Comedian.
Paul BraschProbably Brisbane's first stand up comedian. Has a show on Sunday evenings on triple M.
Scott BrennanFrom channel ten's skitHOUSE
Darren Brinkworth
Thomas BromheadOne of Australia's top impressionists and entertainers.
Geoff BrooksAn original Melbourne comedian who started out the same time as Rod Quantock.
Tal BrottOn Champagne Comedy in Melbourne.
Alan BroughOn Siam Sunset, has been on Rove and GNWNL. One of the team leaders on ABC's Spicks & Specks.
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Dave Brown
Cameron BruceMember of GUD
Kevin BrumptonWriter for BackBerner
Joel BryantPerth comedian. Hasn't done much as yet but seems very enthusiastic to me.
Tanya BulmerHas been on GNW and GNW Night Lite and is the "Roving Reporter" for BackBerner. Was also a part of Improzac.
John BurgosPolitical humourist
Brendon BurnsOriginally hailing from Perth, though now lives and spends most of his time in the UK. Has performed all over the world including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
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Matt BurtonTasmanian comedian who made it to the national finals of Raw Comedy 2006
Glenn Butcheron Full Frontal - played characters like Neville and Constable Spoog. Was also in the stage performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also a regular on the Big Gig.
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Robyn ButlerPresents a radio show with Mick Molloy; one of the cast of Eric, Welcher & Welcher and Micallef Tonight.
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