Nick Caddayeperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Sylvan Caetanhas performed at the Sydney Comedy Store
Dave CallanA star on Rove, has also been on O'Loghlin and Standing Up.
David Callanyes he is different from the guy above, a NSW Improv comic and stand up. Starring in Cops on Heat. Was also the guy who played Trevor in the movie Dags.
Peter Callan'Richard Cranium' in 'Dags'...the guy who was narrating the documentary type movie.
Adrian Callearperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Fox CallejaHas performed for Comedy at Vibe
Paul Calleja
Damian Callinancomedian with a number of shows who has performed at the Melbourne comedy festival.
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Ewan CampbellFrom the Footy Show, in a show called The funny side of Sex & crime.
Phil CantoneCrate, Barfoot and Cantone
Mel Cantwellhas done improv - the first time was in a show called Spontaneous Insanity for the 2001 WA Fringe Festival and the second was as a special guest in the last show of Cops on Heat during the Perth Comedy Season.
Monte Carlos
Rob CarltonFrom The Comedy Imrolympiad.
Richard Carner
Danny CarterWA comedian, has done stand up for the WA Fringe Festival in 2000 as part of the New Crew.
Darren Caseyone of the original Espy comedians
Scott CasleyFormer comedian - was part of the comedy group The Found Objects.
Jason Casterusperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Michael Catonhas done a lot of acting and TV work, is on a beer ad but I think his best role is when he was on the Castle. Host of Hot Property.
George CatsiFrom a show called 'God's Cowboys'.
John Cavanagh
Owen Cavanagh
Michael ChamberlinVictorian comedian who made it to the national finals of Raw comedy in 2001.
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Harry Houdidn't Harry Chan
Doug Chappel
Alan CharltonWA comedian. Has done charity work. MC'd heat one of the WA Fringe comedy award in 2000
Darren ChauOften works with Brose Avard; Used to be a member of Chop-Socky.
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Simon ChugEnter the Datsun
CielAccess entertainment comic
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Santo CilauroOne of the D-Generation and regular on the Panel.
Damian Clarkaka Damian! and Damo. Won the WA Fringe comedy award in 2000. Visit his official website for more info.
John ClarkeWas in "The Games" (a show about Sydney 2000) and has written a book.
Charlie Clausenstand up comic and Enter the Datsun, performed for Stagetime @ the Derby
David CliffordIn the now defunct comedy duo Cliffie and Rusho.
Jane Cliftonmid 1980s singer, actor and comedian.
Bryan CockerillStand up comedian, writer and producer/executive producer. Involved with a fair amount of channel nine programs including Australia's Funniest Home Videos.
Liam Codymember of the Gorskys
Greg Coffey
Ged CogleyWas in the TV show Flipside
Colin Coleaka Big Colin Cole. Stand up comic.
David CollinsOne of the Umbilical Brothers
Michael Connellperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Gerry ConnollyDressed up as a female a lot - also the original Mr Squiggle. He was also in Wog Boy, the Real Mawcaw, Fast Forward, and in 1988 he was in The Gerry Connolly Show.
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Mic Conway
Sam Conway
Patrick CookGNW writer, cartoonist and Bulletin columnist
Kaz CookeWriter of such books as "Up the Duff"
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Penny CooperIn the film 'Dags'.
Daniel CordeauzIn the movie 'Dags'.
Tom CorryWA comedian. Has done charity work. Has done stand up during the WA Fringe Festival in 2000 as part of the New Crew.
David Cotter
Adam CouperBrisbane comedian who has been on GNW and GNWNL. Also a writer for BackBerner.
Dicky CourtSomeone's character
Mary Coustasplayed Effie on Acropolis Now and the Norman Gunston show.
Jo CoventryHalf of impro duo Dangerous Curves.
CoxyMelbourne comic
Maynard "F#" CrabbesRadio DJ and writer; was also a member of the Castanet Club
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Dave CrossthwaitePolitical humourist
Melissa Crottyperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Sheena CrouchIn the film 'Dags'.
Mick Cummings
Andrew CurryHas been in programmes like The Games, Lano & Woodley and Flipside
Stephen CurryThe public servant in Wog Boy that teaches Nick Giannopoulos how to jam the photocopier. Plus he was in the film The Castle. Also in the TV show 'Sit Down Shut Up'.