Hannah GadsbySA'n comedian who won Raw Comedy 2006
Gina GaigalasFrom the Cup in 1952.
Sharron GambrillSydney comedian
Paula Gardnerfrom the Comedy Company
Steve Gatesaka Gatesy. The purple member of Tripod. Has been on Blue Heelers and GNWNL.
Jade GattCo-host of Cheez TV
Sandi GhandiFrom Byron Bay. Special guest on Comedy at Vibe.
Nick Giannopoulosfrom Acropolis Now and the Wog Boy. Of Greek descent.
Andrea GibbsPerth comic. Has entered Raw Comedy.
Dave Gibson'man of a thousand voices' writes his own material for the Andrew Denton Breakfast show
Lynda Gibsonbeen on O'Loghlin and Standing Up. Also Upfront
Russell GilbertWas on the Comedy Company, Hey Hey and the Russell Gilbert Show. And now Russell Gilbert Live.
Max GillesPlayed many political characters in Squirts.
Darren GilshenanHas many different acts on TFF, not to mention he was also on FF but you may best remember him from the Twisties ads. Has also been an actor on BackBerner.
Neill GladwinActor in 1993 movie "Garbo", helped write script and also looks a lot like Vic Plume. Maybe he is? Used to be in a comedy group in the 1980s.
Tom GleesonRegular on O'Loghlin on Saturday night. Also been on FAQ and has a CD. He has also been on Standing Up.
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Tom GleisnerHost of the Panel, and one of the D-Generation.
Alan Glover
Eileen GlynnWA comedian. Has done charity work, done stand up at the Brass Monkey.
Barry Goldwateraka Team Barry. started stand up Feb 2000, NSW Raw finalist 2001, semi-finalist Red Frog Comedy Cup 2001
Nikki GoodeWA comedian, the other part of Novak'n Goode. Read "n" (Judy Novak) for more info.
Andrew Goodoneinvolved with Espy comedy
Lisbeth Gorraka Elle McFeast. Had a show on the ABC called McFeast.
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Corinne Grantguest on GNW/GNWNL but has once been a guest on O'Loghlin. Also on Rove. Has been on Standing Up. 1999 Moosehead Award winner.
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Dave GrantOn Champagne Comedy in Melbourne.
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Francis GreensladeOn the Micallef Programme, has also been on the super debates and you would best remember him from the Milky Way ads.
Michael GregoryWas in a show called IMPRO-BZERKO.
Mathew GreyThe man of a hundred faces, or at least a lot of characters
Bruce Griffithswas a writer for GNW for 4 years, now does stand-up in the UK
Peter GroseBrisbane comic
Zara GrossA Brisbane comedian who has been on GNW. On Perth's PM FM 92.9
Sandy Gutmanaka Austen Tayshus. Has appeared in numerous Aussie TV shows, also has some videos.
That Guy
Irene Guzowski"Spitting Sheryl"
Kim GyngellFrom the Games and Full Frontal. Was also part of the cast of the Wog Boy and the Comedy Company.