Jimmy Lamatosperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Colin LaneOne half of Lano and Woodley. The 'smarter' one of the two. Well that's what he thinks anyway.
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Kate LangbroekCurrently on Nova radio in Melbourne, with the occasional appearance on Thank God You're Here. She was a regular on the Panel before the series finished, and also used to be on 3RRR radio in Melbourne with Dave O'Neil.
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Howard Langmead
Marty LappinOn Champagne Comedy in Melbourne.
Ryan LappinCo-host of Cheez TV.
Meshel Lauriehas performed on Upfront. Was on Standing Up.
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Ningali LawfordActually an Aboriginal actress, and the WA water girl, but performed Black and Tran with Hung Le.
Hung LeHas been on O'Loghlin on Saturday Night and performed at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Has also been on Standing Up. Was also one of the cast of the Wog Boy.
Andy LeeWell known of "Hamish and Andy"
David LeeWA comedian, has done stand up during the WA Fringe Festival in 2000 as part of the New Crew, also competed in Raw Comedy 2000.
Stephen LeePerth comedian. Quite crude - he's Perth's most pollitically incorrect comedian.
LehmoSouth Australian comedian; friend of Mickey D and Justin Hamilton
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Douglas Leithperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Mike LennonBrisbane comedian.
David Lenny
Tony Lesayaka Tony Milan. 1999 Raw comedy competitor, WA comedian.
Lawrence LeungVictorian comedian who made it to the national finals of Raw comedy in 2000. Part of Comedy Zone for the 2001 MICF.
Michael Leunigcartoonist, born in East Melb in 1945
Jon LeveneHas performed for Comedy at Vibe
Jack Leviaka Elliot Goblet. From Hey Hey It's Saturday.
Dylan LewisHost of the 10.30 slot, used to be on Recovery. Has been a guest on GNW Night Lite and Rove.
Chas LicciardelloOne of the guys from the Chaser
Chris LilleyNSW comedian who made it to the national finals of Raw comedy in 2000.
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Jimmy LimatosHas performed for Comedy at Vibe
Jeanie Littlewas a regular on the Steve Visard show, also a regular on Beauty and the Beast.
Mark Little
Wendy Little
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Paul Livingstonaka Flacco. Appeared on GNWNL, GNWE, GNW, DAAS Kapital, etc. Works very well with the Sandman, has appeared in some movies and used to draw a cartoon on the same page Paul McDermott writes his articles in the Australian.
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Robert LloydMr Energy in The Dodge (used to be FreeFall) appeared on "So you want to be a comedian"
Natalie LockeWest Aussie comedian that made it to the national finals of Raw Comedy 2002. Now on Nova Breakfast in Perth.
Jackie LoebPerformed for Upfront in 2001 and was a part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival show 'Meat 'n Two Veg' in the same year.
Tim Logan
Tom LongRisk, The Dish, Strange Planet
Sam LongleyPerth improv comedian and actor, founder of Subiaco's Wild West Comedy Festival and The Big Hoo Haa. Studied at Second City Chicago.
Tanya Losannoperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Alan Lovell
Bruno LuciaItalian decent, has performed in WA. Usually in Melbourne.
Judith LucyA WA comedian who has been on the Late Show, performed at the Melbourne comedy festival and much more.
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Brian Lynagh
Martin Lynesretired Perth stand up comedian, now actor on All Saints.