Stuart PackhamWon the WA state finals of Raw comedy in 2000 at the ripe old age of 15.
Celia PacquolaVictorian comedian who won the Raw Recruit Prize for the best first-time Raw entrant in 2006
Clint Paddison
Geoff Paine
Simon Palomareswriter for and Ricky on Acropolis Now
Matthew Parkinsonhalf of the Empty Pockets
Mark Patchingaka Davo, Bris comic, appeared on "So you want to be a comedian" and won $10,000
Guy PearceFrom Dating the Enemy and Pricilla: Queen of the Desert (Aussie films). Guy has moved to America where he filmed L.A. Confidential. He was also John McGregor in the Man from Snowy River.
Penny PedersenNSW comedian who made it to the national finals of Raw comedy in 2000.
Mark Pengillywas a part of the award winning Brian Munich and Friends.
Eddie Perfect
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Colin Petersperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Andrew PetersonEnter the Datsun
Michael Petroni
Cyprus Philnewcomer in Syd
Mario PiccoliWA competitor in the 2007 Raw Comedy Competition; often takes on comedic acting roles
Charlie Pickeringappeared on the first episode of the Glass House. Performed at the Pemberton Comedy Festival in 2001.
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Greig Pickhaveraka H.G. Nelson, has a radio show on JJJ, Sunday afternoons with Roy Slavin. Guest on GNW.
Dirty PierreStand-Up Comedy
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Kathryn PlacingSyd comic, cute and cuddley one minute, offending everyone the next
Vic PlumeFrom Totally Full Frontal, plays Adam Spencer from Quantum and Ken - the gay guy who loves everything, plus more.
Scott Pollardaka the Dalek. Performed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Sue Ann PostHas been on Beauty and the Beast, performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and much more.
Jimmy PoulosBrisbane comedian.
Andrea Powellaka Ethel Chop. Has performed on Upfront, has also been on Good News Week. Ethel co-hosted the WA fringe comedy awards in 2000.
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Ben Price
Terri PsiakisPart of Comedy Zone for the 2001 MICF. Regular on the JJJ Breakfast Show.
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Richard PyrosEnter the Datsun