RastusMelbourne comic, performed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Helen RazerWritten many books. Also used to be on the JJJ Breakfast show
Michelle Reardon
Daina ReidIn the stage performance Popcorn and was on Full Frontal. She played Beulah (Neville's wife). Does a really good Pauline Hanson impression. Now directs for TV.
Craig ReucasselOne of the guys from the Chaser
Adam RichardHas been on Rove and Hey Hey it's Saturday. Has also been on Standing Up.
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John Richards
Ben RichardsonVictorian comedian that made it to the national finals of Raw Comedy 2002
Gina RileyOn the Bob Downe show, and was also on Full Frontal and Fast Forward.
Glenn Robbinsaka Russell Coight. Regular on the Panel. Has been on Hey Hey. Was a part of Jimeoin's cooking show and the Comedy Company.
Brian RobertsIn the movie 'Dags'.
Mikey RobinsUsed to be on JJJ Breakfast show, sits on the left hand side and is team captain on GNW and GNW Night Lite.
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Peter Rocket
Simon Rogers
Drew RokosVictorian comedian who made it to the national finals of Raw comedy in 2000 and won. Also on Champagne Comedy in Melbourne.
Andrew RoperHas performed for Comedy at Vibe
Jason RoseOn Champagne Comedy in Melbourne.
Tim Rossaka Rosso. JJJ show with Merrick, then moved to Nova. Has been on the Arias.
Gabriel RossiOn Champagne Comedy in Melbourne.
Jamie RowBrisbane comedian.
Fred RowanWas on the TV show Eric, one of the original Espy comedians, plus many other things.
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Peter RowsthornStarted off in the comedy company, was on Hey Hey It's Saturday and now hosts Gonged but Not Forgotten. He was also in Rocky Horror.
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Adam RozenbachsPart of comedy zone in 2000.
Rodney Rudevery rude comedian.
Brett RushtonYoung comedian who was in a now defunct duo called Cliffie and Rusho.
Jim Russell
Alan RutledgeQld comedian who made it to the national Raw comedy finals in 2001.
Ross Ryan
Rash RyderOn Champagne Comedy in Melbourne.
Clay RynehartA member of Two-Four.