John SafranUsed to be on the ABC and channel 7. Then had a show on SBS.
Leon Said
Akmal Salehaka Peter Saleh. Egyptian born stand up comedian. Has appeared on shows such as Rove[live], The Glass House annd The Footy Show.
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Sean Samonperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Angus SampsonIn the movie 'Dags' but also co-hosted Recovery & The 10:30 slot with Dylan Lewis.
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Darren SandersHost of Week 5 of Green faces in 2000, performed at Sydney comedy store and the fringe, has a CD
Barry SanfordAn original Aussie comedian from the Comedy Store.
Lou Sanz
Mel Sargeantperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby, appeared at the 2003 WA Fringe Festival
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Sashaperformed for Stagetime @ the Derby
Toben Saundersaka Vanessa Wagner - Australia's most well known Drag Queen
Berynn SchwerdtSydney improv comic.
Denise Scotthas performed stand up with Judith Lucy and Lynda Gibson. Has performed on Upfront and at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.
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Phil ScottGNW writer, but is also an author and musician
Geoff Seawrightcomputer analyst by day, comedian by night. Appeared on "So you want to be a comedian"
Yahoo SeriousPlayed Ned Kelly in Reckless Kelly. He also wrote the script.
Brett Sheargoldaka Hollywood Sheargold. Very renound Australian comic who has performed with a variety of comedians.
Marty SheargoldWas a part of New Joke City.
Ian Simmonsex-stand-up comic and was the head-writer for Good News Week before it was axed.
Mick Simsaka Mick Zepplin. WA comedian, has done stand up during the WA Fringe Festival in 2000 as part of the New Crew, sings songs and plays the guitar.
Rob SitchFrom the Late Show to Frontline to The Panel. This comedian is in the Toyota run out sale ad.
Bruce Smirnoff
Don SmithWA comedian. Has done charity work. Was part of the opening show for the WA Fringe Festival in 2000.
Jack Smith
James SmithStand up comedian who has appeared on such shows as rove[live], The Footy Show and The Fat. One of the numerous comedians who trained to be a lawyer at university.
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Kristian SmithOne half of Brisbane-based The Laundromats
Tim SmithFrom Melbourne's Triple M radio. Was regularly seen on All Star Squares.
Daryl Somerswas the host of Hey Hey It's Saturday for 28 years before it was axed in 1999
Darren SommerBrisbane comedian.
Mad Sophist
Vince SorrentiStand up comedian. Was on channel nine NYE 1999.
Josh SpearHas appeared on Conan O'Brien and Chris Rock in the US and Ground Zero and the Joint in Australia.
Adam SpencerHosts the ABC programme Quantum, and is also on JJJ's breakfast show. Has been a guest on GNW and is often a guest on O'Loghlin. Was also the host of FAQ.
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Rachel SprattGNW writer
Tony SquiresHas written a book with Mikey Robins and Steve Abbott and has also been a guest on O'Loghlin. Is also the host of the Fat.
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Jo StanleyHas worked with Jodie J. Hill and is also a member of the Gorskys.
Clint StarrettA member of Two-Four and brother of Jason.
Jason Starretthas entered many comedy competitions. Newcastle comedian. Also performed at Sydney Comedy Festival in 1998. Also a member of Two-Four.
Martin SteelYoung Qld comedian who made it to the national finals of Raw comedy in 2001 but didn't make it on TV.
Jason Stephenswas on the Late Show.
David Strassmanyeah he is originally American but he had a show on channel nine called Strassman. He is also on the Telsta Shop ad and he is a ventrilloquist.
Richard Stubbs
Greg SullivanBrisbane comedian who has been on GNW.
Toby SullivanMelbourne comedian, has worked with Janet McLeod. Also works for Token Management.
Nick SunSydney stand up comic
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SureshWA comedian. Performs with The Naked Chicks
Xavier Susai2007 RAW Comedy National Finalist, 2007 Green Faces National Finalist. His mum reckons he's pretty funny. You do believe his mum, right?
Lewis Suttonaka Nic Lewis. Was part of the opening show for the WA Fringe Festival in 2000. Has given up comedy for the moment to focus on his studies. He currently lives in Perth.
Nigel SuttonHas performed at the Sydney comedy festival
Braidan Swan
Jeff SwinglerCompeted in Raw Comedy 2000 as one half of the Cabalerot Kings. They made it to the WA finals.
Red Symonsfrom Hey Hey It's Saturday's Red Faces on channel nine.
Magda Szubanskiwas on Fast Forward, one of the original D-Generation. Also played the Farmer's wife in Babe 1 & 2.