Live Reviews

Reviewed by Dominica Corless

Various shows and/or tours 1999
Flacco and the Sandman Sep 25th, 1999
Stand Up for East Timor Dec 9th, 1999
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2000
Upfront 6 Apr 17th, 2000
Lano & Woodley are 'Slick' Apr 18th, 2000
Rod Quantock 'Utopia' Apr 18th, 2000
Carl Barron Apr 19th, 2000
Elbow Grease Apr 19th, 2000
Wil Anderson 'Who wants to be a Wilionnaire?' Apr 19th, 2000
Peter Helliar 'Kokomo or Bust' Apr 20th, 2000
'Sassy' with Kim Hope and Adam Richard Apr 21st, 2000
Anh Do 'much Anh Do about nothing' Apr 21st, 2000
Corinne Grant 'What's a nice girl like you...?' Apr 21st, 2000
Adam Hills 'Goody Two Shoes' Apr 22nd, 2000
Dave Callan is 'Shithouse' Apr 22nd, 2000
The Big Laugh Out Apr 22nd, 2000
Wil Anderson 'Terra Wilius' Apr 22nd, 2000
The 13th Brian McCarthy Memorial Moosehead Awards Benefit Apr 23rd, 2000
Various shows and/or tours 2000
Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow May 24th, 2000
Merrick and Rosso 'Solid Gold' Sep 2nd, 2000
Peter Berner Sep 2nd, 2000
Wog Story Oct 5th, 2000
James O'Loghlin Nov 18th, 2000
James O'Loghlin Nov 19th, 2000
Dave Callan Dec 21st, 2000
Perth Comedy Season 2001
Perth Comedy Season Opening Galah Feb 15th, 2001
Sarah Kendall's 'War' Feb 16th, 2001
Spontaneous Insanity Feb 17th, 2001
Perth Comedy Season Closing Ceremony Feb 24th, 2001
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2001
Cops on Heat interrogation room with Sarah Kendall and Derek Flores Apr 13th, 2001
'Fresh' with Jodie J. Hill and Jo Stanley Apr 14th, 2001
Anthony Ackroyd in 'At last the truth about everything' Apr 14th, 2001
Comedy Central Apr 14th, 2001
Cops on Heat interrogation room with Adam Spencer Apr 14th, 2001
Comedy Central Apr 15th, 2001
Comedy Zone Apr 15th, 2001
Raw Comedy National Final Apr 15th, 2001
Spinning Wheel Apr 15th, 2001
Upfront 7 Apr 16th, 2001
Arj Barker's '2001 Spaced Oddesy' Apr 17th, 2001
Cops on Heat Apr 17th, 2001
Ross Noble Apr 17th, 2001
Dave Gorman 'Are you Dave Gorman?' Apr 18th, 2001
Jeff Green Apr 18th, 2001
The 3 Canadians 'Space Monkeys' Apr 18th, 2001
Anthony Morgan Apr 19th, 2001
Kim Hope 'Sing Your Arse Off' Apr 19th, 2001
Wil Anderson 'Wil of Fortune' Apr 19th, 2001
Cops on Heat interrogation room with Ross Noble Apr 20th, 2001
Gerard McCulloch is 'Uncorked' Apr 20th, 2001
Peter Helliar's 'Autumn Catalogue' Apr 20th, 2001
Tom Gleeson 'Pirate Copy' Apr 20th, 2001
Cal Wilson 'Hell Kitty' Apr 21st, 2001
Comedy Central Apr 21st, 2001
Cops on Heat interrogation room with Adam Hills and Wil Anderson Apr 21st, 2001
James O'Loghlin Apr 21st, 2001
Comedy Central Apr 22nd, 2001
Various shows and/or tours 2001
Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow May 15th, 2001
'Black and Tran' with Hung Le and Ningali Lawford May 18th, 2001
Greg Fleet Jun 21st, 2001
Austen Tayshus Aug 15th, 2001
Charlie Pickering Aug 23rd, 2001
Bob Downe Sep 5th, 2001
Rove McManus Sep 20th, 2001
Bruno Lucia Nov 29th, 2001
Charlie Pickering Dec 5th, 2001
Wil Anderson Dec 13th, 2001
WA Fringe Festival 2002
Ethel Chop and Chums Jan 29th, 2002
Ethel Chop and Chums Jan 31st, 2002
Lano and Woodley 'Bruiser' Feb 1st, 2002
Hung Le 'Suvivor III: Survival of the Phattest' Feb 2nd, 2002
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2002
Paul McDermott 'Comedyoscopy' Apr 11th, 2002
Paul McDermott 'GUD - Hardcore Cabaret' Apr 11th, 2002
Wil Anderson 'Wil By Mouth' Apr 11th, 2002
Adam Hills 'Happy Feet' Apr 12th, 2002
Chris Addison 'Port Out, Starboard Home' Apr 12th, 2002
Cops on Heat Interrogation Room Apr 12th, 2002
Kim Hope and Adam Richard are Outrageous Apr 12th, 2002
Charlie Pickering and Michael Chamberlin 'Boiling Point' Apr 13th, 2002
Lehmo and Mickey D are Justin Hamilton's Fingers Apr 13th, 2002
Ross Noble 'Slackers Playground' Apr 13th, 2002
Damian Clark and Anthony Menchetti 'The Art of Smoozing' Apr 14th, 2002
Daniel Kitson Apr 14th, 2002
Raw Comedy National Finals Apr 14th, 2002
Upfront 8 Apr 15th, 2002
Stagetime Apr 16th, 2002
Fiona O'Loughlin 'From Here to Maternity' Apr 17th, 2002
The 3 Canadians 'Ben Hur - Digitally Remastered' Apr 17th, 2002
Arj Barker Apr 18th, 2002
Sarah Kendall 'Well Balanced' Apr 18th, 2002
The 4 Noels 'A Night at Fat Willy's' Apr 18th, 2002
Cops on Heat 'The Fugitive' Apr 19th, 2002
Damian Callinan and Lawrence Mooney 'Proxy Heroes' Apr 19th, 2002
Tom Gleeson 'Ginger Ninja' Apr 19th, 2002
CanTeen Benefit Night Apr 20th, 2002
Carl Barron Apr 20th, 2002
Umbilical Brothers 'Speed Mouse' Apr 20th, 2002