International Comedy Groups and Duos

Groups are listed by country, and then alphabetically.


Penn and Tellerduo producing many hilarious magic TV specials.
Tenacious DComedic band consisting of Jack Black and Kyle Gass.
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Corky and the JuicepigsEx-musical comedy trio. Most famous song is probably "Gay Eskimo"
Hot Nuts and PopcornEric Amber and Derek Flores (ie, the 3 Canadians without North Darling).
The 3 CanadiansConsist of Eric Amber, Derek Flores and North Darling. Only Eric & Derek currently live in Canada.


Ben 'n Arnbrought their show 'Priorite A Gauche' to the 2001 Melbourne Comedy Festival.
Cannon and Ballpopular 90's duo appearing on countless 2nd rate TV sketch shows and movies.
Hale and Pacea duo who've performed in Australia countless times.
Little BritainMatt Lucas and David Walliams, portray various characters from around Britain on radio, TV and stage.
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Parsons and NaylorAndy Parsons and Henry Naylor.
Reeves and MortimerHave their own TV show
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Steve Punt and Hugh Dennisone half of the cast of cult TV comedy The Mary Whitehouse Experience. Now hosting BBC Radio 4's "The Now Show".
The ChipolatasHave performed in Australia in places like the Perth Royal Show and Fairbridge Folk Festival.
The League of GentlemenBest known for their eponymous television programme which ran from 1997-2002 but have most recently returned to the big screen in the 2005 film 'The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse'
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The Mighty Booshfavourites at the Melbourne comedy festival, the Boosh consist of Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.
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We Are KlangAppeared at the 2007 Melbourne Comedy Festival.