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Adam Bloom, Melb 2000 promo shot
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Jun 18th, 2000
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Dominica Malcolm
6th October, 1970
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Adam Bloom has been down to Australia three times for various comedy festivals. He is a very friendly guy and has made friends with a number of Aussie comedians. He is also a very talented man and since I liked him so much (and had heaps of info about him), I thought I'd find a way to incorporate international comedians into the Aussie based site. Bloom was the first international comedian that inspired me to expand the website from purely Australians.

He has appeared on a number of Australian Television programmes including Good News Week, Rove and Standing Up. He has also appeared on specials such as both the 1999 and 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival Galas and also one of the Sydney Comedy Festival specials in 1999.

Besides Australian stuff (which is what I love best anyway) he had/has (someone want to confirm?) his own television show in the UK - he is English.

And what has this young lad done off the TV? Well, he had a Rubik's Cube race with Gerard McCulloch on national radio, triple J (and lost). Plus he's had his own Stand Up shows because he is a stand up comedian. Adam also appeared on stage for the 2000 Moosehead Awards.

If you know you've heard of Adam but can't quite remember who he is, here are a couple of examples of his jokes to jog your memory: On television, he swears so that when it gets beeped, it beeps out the f word in morse code. Also, you may remember his turban joke - where he says it's not very good if you wear one while riding your bike then crash. The paramedics will undo it then redo it once they find out you're bleeding.

If you've seen this man both live and on TV like I have, you'll notice that he looks quite different - I don't know, maybe it was just when I saw him. He is also quite a short guy - not much taller than me (I'm 5'2") but that doesn't change how funny he is.