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Boothby Graffoe is a persona that James Rogers created. He has also been known as Cherry Willingham.

Boothby quickly became very popular among Australians in 2000 as he came to Australia and appeared on a number of TV shows. His first appearance with Australian audiences is when he appeared on Good News Week before travelling to Melbourne for the comedy festival. The episode of Good News Week he was on was one which he was on Julie McCrossin's team with Ross Noble. They both kept going on about "Springy Ninjas".

Boothby's comedy festival show was self-titled, but that was not all he did at the 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival. He also sung with the Scaredie's superband at the Festival Club, performed at Southgate for the free weekend show "The Big Laugh Out 5". He was even seen kissing Johnny Vegas on stage at the Hi Fi Bar. Another thing he did was sit on the panel for the Fat Melbourne Comedy Festival/Olympic special. Oh, and I almost forgot, he was also on the Gala and also debated, for the negative team, "Bigger is Better", only switch it around, he had to say bigger was not better. This show let people see him eat leaves because Stewart Lee fed them to him.

After the comedy festival finished, he went on the Roadshow tour where he got to perform in Queensland, The Northern Territory, and Western Australia. His final performance was in Mandurah, WA, where I got to see him for the second time. (the other time I saw him was at Southgate).

Boothby is well known for his songs as well. He can't do a performance without singing a couple of songs. He also has an obsession with rabbits only being able to count to three.

James is also a long time friend of Greg Fleet's.

And this other stuff is quoted from the back of a hand out about his show in Melbourne: "Boothby has played to sell out crowds across the globe and is an Edinburgh Fringe favourite. Probably the only comedian in the world to be named after a market town in Lincolnshire, Boothby Graffoe has long since recognised by punters and fellow performers alike as one of the most original, inventive and entertaining acts on the British comedy ci