Derek Flores

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May 27th, 2001
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Dominica Malcolm
26th April, 1973
CDU Interviews
(Apr 28th 2001)

Derek was born in Calgary, Alberta, on April 26 back in 1973. This means he is now 28. Derek is very open. He is happy to share things about himself with just about anyone. This was demonstrated by the openess he shared while being in Cops on Heat at the 2001 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Derek has had many wild and crazy hairstyles in his time also - from dread locks in 1995 to bleached blond hair in 2000. Derek is often seen wearing bunny ears.

Derek got into comedy in the first place because he "couldn't do anything else". If he wasn't performing comedy for a living, he'd probably be in advertising. Apart from being a member of the 3 Canadians, he has been performing with the Loose Moose for many years. In 2000, some of these guys came down to Australia to show their stuff, and so, Derek performed along with the other Canadians Eric Amber, Ryan Belleville, Ken Gardener, and Dave Lawerence in "LOOSEMOOSE". It could be seen at the Athenaeum Theatre at 7pm during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

"LOOSEMOOSE" is not the only comedy project Derek has been on with fellow member of the 3 Canadians Eric Amber. Since they were in Melbourne for the 2000 Comedy Festival anyway, they also brought their "Hot Nuts and Popcorn Variety Hour" show. This show was set up as sort of a talk show, and was mainly improvised using guest comedians from the festival. This show first made an appearance at the Loose Moose's Garry Theatre in Calgary, Canada in 1998.

After the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2000, Eric and Derek headed back to Canada. In October and November of 2000, these two, along with other improvisers Ryan Gladstone, Ken Gardener, and Matthew Kennedy, performed in a season of an improvised Macbeth. Derek played Lady Macbeth while Eric was Macbeth.

Other appearances Derek has made with Eric, without North, include performances at Southgate for the Big Laugh Out at the 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival, hosting the Cabaret Night "Spinning Wheel" and singing Brian Adams' "Summer of '69" at the Festival Club, both at the 2001 Melbourne Comedy Festival. Both of these 2001 performances were actually seen twice. Then there's also the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala from 1995. Eric and Derek improvised using Derek's favourite improv game on national television (telling a story one word at a time).

Derek has also performed with North, without Eric. "Eric is the only one of us who has ever missed a gig" Derek said, as Eric was supposed to show up for Comedy Central on the 15th of April 2001. He was then contemplating skipping the final performance of "Space Monkeys" just to show Eric what it was like. On this date, Derek and North played Derek's favourite improv game.

And without performing with either of the other members of the 3 Canadians, Derek also performed with Dennis Cahill and Shawn Kinley in "A Chrismoose Carol" at the Loose Moose Theatre just before Christmas in 2000. This show was a parody of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" (if you couldn't get the pun) whereby the three improvisers proceeded to act out every character in the play. Derek and Dennis auditioned at the start of the show so the audience could choose who got to play who.

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