Michael J. Fox

Last Updated
Aug 1st, 2000
Contributed by
Dominica Malcolm
9th June, 1961

Mike has now given up his performing life because of his disease. Parkinson's disease. I can say that because it's all over the news, everyone knows about it. It is why he has finally been in his last series of Spin City. In my opinion, that show will be nothing without him. I guess that's why they're scheduled to film only one more season of it. His disease is what brought him to be on A Current Affair, the channel nine programme hosted by Mike Munroe. If he wasn't on that show, I wouldn't have made this page.

Now, it has taken me a while to get around to writing up this page just because Fox's career has lasted so long and he has been in so many movies and TV shows that I doubt that I'll ever finish making this page.

The two main sitcoms that Mike starred in were of course Family Ties and Spin City. He was fairly young when he was in Family Ties.

Mike has been in so many films which include Back to the Future (all three parts), Greedy, Letters from Frank, Midnight Madness, Class of 1984, The Secret of my Success, The Frighteners, High School USA, Family Ties Vacation, Teen Wolf, Poison Ivy, Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam, Light of Day, Bright Lights Big City, Casualties of War, Doc Hollywood, The Hard Way, For Love or Money, Life with Mikey, Where the Rivers Flow North, Don't Drink the Water, The American President, and Blue in the Face.

Mike was also the voice of Stewart Little in the film of the same name. And he was the voice of one of the dogs in both Homeward Bound movies.