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To get to the information about him, some of which is courtesy of Adam Bloom (in this paragraph anyway), Ross started out in comedy from the very young age of 15. He snuck into pubs and stuff so that he could get some contact with the comic life. He is now 24 and working his way up to the top very quickly. In Australia, because this man is from England I don't know what he's done there, he has performed in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

In 1999 he was one of the comedians on the British team for World Cup Comedy. Back then he had bleached blond hair. When he returned to Australia in 2000, he had dyed his hair a very distinguishing red, then when he came back in 2001, his hair was black.

In Australia in 2000, Ross appeared on one of the GNW Great Debates where he was caught kissing Paul McDermott. This of course wasn't the first time these two had met. He was on two episodes of Good News Week as well. The first episode he was not a guest on the panel, he was phoned up by an American comedian to answer some questions. This was for the new game "Who wants to sit down the front in a chair", the game which looks a lot like "Who wants to be a Millionaire". The second time Ross was on Good News Week was when he was a guest on the panel. He was on Julie's team with Boothby Graffoe. This is where Australia found out about "Springy Ninjas".

Ross has an official web site which can be found at - copies of his CD are available to buy from there.

After 3 years of being nominated for the Barry Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Ross finally won it, along with the Age Critics Award, in 2002.