About the Webmaster

Updated January 2007

Relating to ComedyDownUnder.com

This website is and always has been run and updated by a single person. My name is Dominica Malcolm (formerly Corless). I started this web site in 1999 when I was fifteen and in year eleven at high school. I was fairly inexperienced in web design and development then, but this web site has almost always been the reason I have wanted to improve my skills.

I am now twenty-three, married, recently gave birth to a son, and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Computing. The work I have been doing on this site has changed significantly from the research and interview side of things to Web programming focusing on PHP and MySQL, in order to allow others the ability to update information where I cannot (either due to lack of time, or lack of information from other sources).

One of the reasons my focus on this site has changed was due to attending the Melbourne for the comedy festival in 2002 and it not really interesting me as much as previous years. I relate this change in attitude with my deciding to drop out of te stand up comedy circuit after Raw Comedy in the same year. However, despite this, I am hoping to update profiles of some of the more well known comedians who have not been updated in years.

Ever since I began to get interviews for this site, they have been my favourite aspect. I am still going to try and continue to interview comedians, and yes, add more comedians to the indexes, but I don't want to have to update or create new profile pages unless I'm in the mood to or I am actually sent a biography from the comedian themselves.

If you want to e-mail me with information, you're welcome to do so. I have developed a backend for myself so it is reasonably easy for me to update most aspects of the site these days, and will usually do so within a couple of days if I can.

Also, if it's not clear anywhere else, I live in Perth, Western Australia. This can be a bit of a hinderance as far as gathering information about the comedy scene is concerned because although we do have comedy nights here, the majority of the comedy scene occurs in Melbourne, followed by Sydney.

Relating to Web Development

If you like what you see here and/or are interested in hiring me for other web work, I co-run Malcolm Media with my husband and also work as a Web Developer for Reynolds Technology. Due to this work, I am not able to update and improve CDU as often as I may like to, but I do spend a lot of my spare time these days doing so.

Relating to Contact Information

I am happy to be contacted by e-mail or IM if you have any questions about this web site or comedy in general, or even if you think I seem like someone you'd like to get to know. My MSN address is the same as my e-mail address, which is listed all over the place (neek@comedydownunder.com).

Occasionally I also post in a publicly accessible online blog.

Listing my contact information is not permission to send me unsolicited e-mails or messages (also known as Spam). I am not particularly fond of spam, and would prefer to show people what they can do to help stop spam originating from Australia.

Relating to Performing Comedy

If you are interested in reading about my experience in performing comedy, please view my profile page on this site.