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Comedy is a very hard industry to get into these days, with more and more people giving comedy a go, and various comedy venues requiring some video evidence of how good you are before they'll put you on the bill.

ComedyDownUnder.com is a good place to start or continue promoting yourself as a comedian. CDU visitors include booking agents, comedy fans, and comedians.

If you do not already have an online presense, CDU is checked by Google often, and anyone searching for you specifically is likely to come across CDU on the first page of results, if not the first result.

Functionality currently available to comedians include:

More functionality is also expected in the future.

When your profile is updated, it is automatically listed in the recent updates on the front page of CDU. This gives your page greater exposure to those looking for what's new.

Updating information on CDU is easy and does not require any technical knowledge whatsoever. Where applicable, there is sample HTML that may be used if you wish to do so.

If you do require assistance, there is a webmaster who genuinely cares about helping you promote yourself who will answer any queries as soon as she reads your e-mail.