Privacy Policy

In this policy, "the webmaster" refers to Dominica Corless and "this website" refers to and includes the following websites hosted on the same server: Corinne Grant; Dom's Film Site; The Secret Life of Us; Enter the Canadians; What Dreams Are Made Of; Yellow Hazard.

Collection of Your Personal Information

There is very little collection of your personal details on this website. Unless there is a form that you are filling out, there is nothing stored that can identify you. The webmaster does not collect IP addresses or any other information about your computer.

The only personal data that you are able to submit and is collected, though not necessarily stored, is your name and e-mail address. This website does not currently sell any product and has no use for your address or phone number(s).

Use of Your Personal Information

There are a couple of reasons why this website would use information you submit.

  1. You are requesting something to be added to the website.
  2. You are a comedian wishing to create and/or update information about yourself.
  3. You are signing up for membership on Dom's Film Site to write reviews and/or comments.
  4. You already have comedian membership and you are submitting data that may or may not include: your birthdate, your personal profile, information about a group/duo you are in, your manager's or your contact details.

For (1), your name and e-mail address is collected only via e-mail and is used to respond to your request.
For (2), your name and e-mail address is first collected via e-mail and then if membership is granted, stored on the server. No person other than the webmaster is able to see your e-mail address and is used explicitly for login purposes.
For (3), your e-mail address is not collected, only a username and password, which are both immediately stored on the server.
For (4), all of this information would be publicly available as soon as it has been submitted. If you are not wanting this information to be seen by the general public, please do not submit it.

Your e-mail address and anything you add to this website will not be sold or published elsewhere without your consent. The webmaster respects the privacy of comedians, which is why only a comedian can publish their e-mail address and contact details if they wish to be contacted.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used on this website for login purposes only.

If you have any concerns with regard to this privacy policy, please e-mail the webmaster at
Revised Oct 6th, 2003