Terms of Service

By using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. In these terms, "the webmaster" refers to Dominica Malcolm and "this website" refers to ComedyDownUnder.com and includes the following websites hosted on the same server: Corinne Grant; Dom's Film Site; The Secret Life of Us; Enter the Canadians.

1. Downloading materials such as images, sound and/or movie files (if they exist) to your personal computer is acceptable so long as you do not publish any copyrighted material elsewhere, in any format (on an external website, CD Rom, DVD, Television program, book, magazine, etc) without express written permission from the webmaster or relevant copyright owner.

2. No part of this website may be reproduced elsewhere without express written permission from the webmaster.

3. The webmaster is not responsible for any false information. Information on the website is correct unless stated otherwise or the webmaster has been misinformed from another resource.

4. In no case shall the webmaster be held responsible for any damages caused to your computer, indirectly or otherwise as a result of you visiting this website. The webmaster would never intentionally cause harm to any user.

5. If you are a user that has access to creating and updating comedian and group profiles, you agree not to post any defamatory or discriminatory comments about any person or persons. This includes but is not limited to racial and sexual discrimination and releasing false information as truth. If any such person disregards this agreement, they may or may not have a suspension of service. Profane language is only accepted on this website in interviews where there is some warning for the content. If any member is found using profanity on his/her profile, the profanity will be corrected and the user warned and/or suspended service.

6. The information supplied in the satirical articles is not released as truth. The whole point of a satirical article is that the subject has a satirical spin on it. The essays published in the same section of the website are opinion based, and not even necessarily the opinion of the webmaster, even if the webmaster is the author. They may be referenced in other mediums for a user's project but the webmaster chooses to hold no authority over the knowledge of the content. The webmaster has never published a book and is of no significant importance to the film (or other, if the essay topic is not film based) industry at this time.

7. The webmaster is under no obligation to review everything submitted to this website, though reserves the right to alter any part of what is submitted if it is in violation of these terms of service.

8. Content submitted by other parties remain copyrighted to those parties and these resources require more than just the webmaster's consent for its use. However, by submitting said copyrighted material, you are granting the webmaster permission to display this content as the webmaster wishes on the website and any submission may be subject to alteration. Any person submitting information or other resources (collectively "information") to the website agrees not to charge the webmaster for its use and in turn the webmaster agrees not to charge for the service of allowing comedians to submit their information.

9. No image on this website may be displayed on another website while it is still hosted on this server. If you are wanting to display an image stored on this server on a messageboard or personal website, first contact the webmaster to find out if the picture is acceptable to display and if it is, download the image to your computer and upload it to your own server to conserve the bandwidth of this website. If this term is violated too often, it may result in the deletion of the images from the server. Please be courteous to fellow patrons of the Internet.

10. If a comedian publishes their contact details on their profile page, you agree not to stalk, harass, or insult them or send them spam, marriage proposals, your declaration of love or an idea for or an actual script.

11. When e-mailing the webmaster, you agree not to request personal or contact information of any comedian, whether it is clear that the webmaster may have this information or not. If you are wanting to find out how to hire a comedian for a corporate show, and the comedian is not managed by Token, Access Entertainment or A List Entertainment, the webmaster does not know how to help you. With the previous resources, the webmaster may or may not answer an e-mail if the answer can be found there.

12. The webmaster is not responsible for the content of any third party websites linked to this website. The inclusion of said link is provided as a convenience and the webmaster does not necessarily endorse its content.

If you believe someone has violated these terms of service, please contact the webmaster with details by e-mailing webmaster@comedydownunder.com.

These terms of service are subject to change.
Revised October 5th, 2003.